Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Swing.. I mean Slide

Callie now loves the slide. Se calls it the swing mistakenly a lot but she means the slide. It's set strange but she hates the swings. One swing and she wants off, but the slide she could do over and over. She is finally big enough to climb the stairs and go down the slide by herself. What a big girl! This afternoon we went to the park to play on the slides, all 3 of them. Callie wore herself out going up the stairs and down the slides per and over. Now hopefully she is tired enough that she sleeps past 4:40 am , her new wake up time. Changing time zones is not easy for a baby ya know? I told her tomorrow she has to stay in her bed until the sunlight comes out but at least 5:30 before I will go get her out of her bed.

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