Monday, January 6, 2014

Lost luggage

Well we made it home. It wasn't too fun but we made it. We woke up at 3:30 am to get ready to leave for our 6 am flight. We had no issues with the providence airport and we smoothly caught our first flight and checked all our bags. We had 5 bags because of all the toys from Christmas, new baby clothes I bought on super sale, and huge box of clothes Taylor sent as hand me downs, plus a car seat. It was snowing in Chicago Midway and our flight was delayed waiting for a late plane from NY who had passengers transferring to our plane. Then we sat on the plane for 90 minutes on the runway waiting to have the plane deiced before we could leave. Just adding 90 min to time to sit in an airplane seat is no fun, especially for a little active 20 month old girl. Luckily this flight there was an empty seat so Callie got to sit in the middle between GiJu and I. This was sooo much better than her being on my lap where she had no room. I guess that's why they make you get a seat at 2 years old. It ended up being a nearly 6 hr flight instead of 4 hr 20 min. Callie was as good as she could be, antsy and impatient but no screaming or crying so I dot think we bothered anyone else on the plane.
Anyways when we finally arrived at San Diego it took forever for the bags to come out. We waited and waited. By now Callie was having a meltdown as she hadn't had lunch. Well, we waited until the bag belt stopped and NONE of our 5 bags arrived. So we stood in line to put in a claim to our bags. What a nightmare... Callie is missing her car seat, sleeping bag, sound machine, clothes, almost everything. GiJu has no clothes. I am missing my maternity pants and my night guard for girding my teeth, I miss that the most.
Today they found 3 of the 5 and said they would deliver them to the house. Well now they didn't deliver, messed up somehow and they will arrive tomorrow. The other 2 are still missing. I don't en know which ones try found... Ugh
All Callie's Christmas presents and tons of clothes and gifts are all packed away in those suitcases. Hopefully they find them all soon :(
Meanwhile today I dug out all the girl clothes we had put away in the attic to give away to my friend Kristen who is expecting a girl in the next 3 weeks or so. Wholly cow did we have girls clothes!! Check out Callie in all the boxes of clothes. It was fun to see all the adorable outfits she used to wear and how small she was. Too bad we aren't having a girl because we would have been more than set. Oh well, passing them on to a new good home. Enjoy!

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