Saturday, January 4, 2014

Time to say goodbye to CT

Today was our last day in CT. It was also the coldest day by far. When we left the house in the morning it was -4 degrees not including the windchill. Yep pretty cold if you ask me or Callie.
We went to have breakfast at GaGa and Ashley's house in the morning. Callie played hi ho cherry-o with GaGa.
We ran some errands in the day and started the massive packing attempt which I just completed at 9 pm.
Uncle Eddie and Heather came over to have dinner and visit with Callie. After dinner Callie was snuggling with Eddie and watching Curious George on the iPad. She didn't take her eyes off the pad for a moment even with that cookie in her hand!
We had a great time visiting everyone in CT this holiday season. I am however ready to go home to some normal temperature weather. Today in San Diego it was 76 degrees. I'll be thrilled to enjoy some warmth tomorrow afternoon. Until then wish me luck on this looong plane journey. GiJu is flying back to help out and it's a really early flight. I have no idea how it will go. Just hoping for the best and reminding myself it can only last so long and then we will be home with no plans to fly until late summer :)

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