Tuesday, January 28, 2014

House of illness

Where have we been?.. Well Saturday at my course I got sick, really sick, puking in the bathroom sick and had to leave early. I thought it must have been something I ate but then I was sick through the whole night, really really sick. Sunday I went to urgent care and got iv fluids and zofran to stop puking. I was still so sick Sunday when I got home. The doctor thinks its a virus and I said really?. But then Juan got really sick too and I had to believe her. We thankfully brought Callie to stay at her grandparents since we were so sick and just needed to rest. We are slowly recuperating but boy have I been wiped out. I haven't taken a single photo or even thought to write on the blog. Thankfully Callie is finally feeling all better and hopefully by the weekend Juan and I have recovered too. I barely made it through work the past two days so bedtime always seemed more important than the blog. Hopefully I will have some fun and photos for you soon, but until then I haven't disappeared I am just catching my breath a bit ;)

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