Saturday, January 18, 2014

Presents make most things better

Last night was an extra rough night, Callie had a hard time sleeping bc of we cough, congestion and fever again. She woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever again shaking and shivering. She ended up sleeping with me almost the whole night on the twin mattress on the floor. She was wiggly and uncomfortable a lot so it was hard to sleep. That and trying to keep her from rolling off the bed or being comfortable myself with no space and a big pregnant belly. So needless to say I didn't get much sleep. Today she sounded so much worse, raspy voice, boogers streaming down her face in green and a bad cough. I'm so glad I took her in yesterday as it's much harder to get Saturday appointments and she really would have been a mess. As the day went on her boogers seemed to get clearer and less and her fever went away. I hope that means the antibiotic is working and she will feel better soon. She's been impossible to feed as she doesn't want to eat anything. I made macaroni and cheese, bagels, homemade chicken soup, toast, fruit, juice, but she barely ate anything all day:(
The happiest parts of the day were opening presents. Callie would tell you PaPa sent her presents but really GiJu and PaPa each sent her something earlier in the week and it just lucked out that we received them in the mail today. GiJu sent a curious George stuffed monkey dressed as a doctor (how fitting) and PaPa sent her a tractor, identical to his. Callie much preferred the tractor which she thinks is very cool since it's just like PaPas. She loves to press the buttons for the horn and engine noise and uses the "digger" as she calls it. I have no idea what you call that thing but it does dig.
Later when she was not feeling too well again she hugged her George and watched the George episode where he pretends to be a doctor on YouTube.
I'm hoping for a better night sleep and that she wakes up feeling much much better. Big thanks to GiJu and PaPa for the presents to brighten an otherwise yucky day.

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