Friday, January 17, 2014

Poor sick Callie

Well I was wrong about how sick Callie was. I put her to bed thinking she was fighting off her cold but then she woke up screaming at 10:30 with a high fever, sweating, and miserable sounding. I finally got her to resettle, cool off and get ready for bed again. I moved the twin mattress into her room and slept on her floor. This morning she was a little better but I could tell she wasn't feeling well. She was clingy, tired, coughing, and was happy sitting in her stroller during our walk and watching cartoons all morning. Usually she is playing and running and I can't keep her still so I knew something was amiss. After nap time she woke up screaming with another high fever. It wasn't going down without medicine so I called the pediatrician and she was happy to see we right away. Well it's a good thing I brought her in because turns out she has pnemonia! :( the doctor put her on antibiotics for 10 days and wants to see her back Tueaday unless she is all better. Besides how horrible I feel that she is so sick because I have been te sick one lately and probably got her sick, I am worried she won't be well enough for her allergy test Tuesday. We will play it by ear but I'm hoping she is feeling better right away.
Regardless she still has her sassy little quirks and today it was wearing sunglasses. Playing with we blocks and on our walk she never took them off.
I'll be sleeping in Callie's room again to be sure she does ok and hopefully by tomorrow she is feeling much better. Poor Callie :(

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