Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Bunnies

We got snow! Last night it snowed about 6". We braved the cold cold weather and the snow to do some sledding. Callie was bundled like a snow bunny. She got a new beautiful puffy white winter coat in the mail from Tia Nena. Had her scarf on that Tia Wow Wow knitted her (I had on a hat she made), and wore her hat that Tia Mari bought her. Thanks to all her Tia's for the warm weather gear. I think her winter jacket is big enough she can wear it next year too. She also had snow boots, snow mittens, snow pants and lots of layers of clothes. Boy was she cute! It was pretty tough for her to walk or even move with all those clothes but at least I know she was warm enough; it was only 12 degrees outside!
Callie really enjoyed sledding. She was brave and even went down the hill by herself one time.
After sledding she wanted to see the tractor in the barn. I took her to sit on it but I can't drive it.
Then Ashley came to plow the driveway in his big truck. I let Callie ride in te truck while he plowed the driveway. Boy did she think that was a treat. She sat so still and quiet and just watched everything.
When we came in we ate some cookies and milk to top off our sledding fun :)
In the afternoon she had a lot of visitors including Pa (Callie calls him Pop) and Grandma Kay (mama Kay). I mentioned Callie and Pop could go out on the boat when we came back in August but Callie misinterpreted that as right now and insisted Pop take her out to see the boat in the barn. sorry Pop.
What a fun day in the snow! If would have been more fun if it was warmer and we could have played longer but 12 degrees is just too cold to stay out.

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