Thursday, January 23, 2014

Projectile Puke

Well I thought I was going to have an update saying how much better Callie was doing, but that's not the case.... Last night she was up for 1.5 hrs just fussing uncomfortable. The night before she slept through the whole night! I woke up worried but she kept sleeping. But today she wasn't feeling well. She didn't eat barely at all and you could just tell she didn't feel well. I picked her up and we were headed to the fabric store to buy more "blocks", scrap foam blocks from the upholstery place. I bought one bag as a sample and love them, so does Callie. I am planning to make a reading corner in Callie's room as I will be taking the rocking chair out for the nursery. I wanted it to e something special so she doesn't miss the chair and gets excited about the reading corner. I also want to do it way before the baby gets here so she doesn't feel like it was taken from her for him. Ok so anyways, that's the gist of what we are making, a big crash pad, mattress like corner made of a big fabric covered bag of foam chunks. Callie thinks the blocks are quite fun outside the bag and likes to stack them and kick them over.
So we were headed to get 2 more bags so the mat will be extra stuffed and comfy. She was even excited about going to get the blocks. But right before we got there, she got fussy then projectile vomited all over the car while I was driving! What a mess!! She was screaming and it was all over her, the seat, the rug, etc, just imagine... No photos for this part.
I pulled over and cleaned her up the best I could. Luckily I had a change of clothes and a towel, enough to get her clean to go home. Then we had to wash the car seat cover, base, straps, car seats, clothes, towels, car mats, etc.
Then she needed a bath because her hair smelled like puke too!
Ugh, what a nightmare, although I really felt bad for her as she was very upset. I am pretty sure her boogers are just too much and draining into her little belly, with no food, equals a yucky tummy and therefore puke. I got her to eat a bit of a bagel after to help her stomach settle then rice and saltines for dinner. She wouldn't eat anything else.
She was exhausted tonight and went right to bed right on time. I'm hoping she is feeling better tomorrow as its so hard to see her miserable and sick and it's been a whole week now.
She is being a trooper and eating her new chewable antibiotics without any tears :)

Here are some photos and a video of her playing with the foam blocks last week when we ought the first bag. Hopefully she can play again like this soon, poor kiddo.

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