Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 21 months! Back to the doctor.

Today Callie turned 21 months on the 21st of January. Pretty cool, too bad we spent it at the doctors office again. We canceled the allergy tests (rescheduled for first available in mid April!) and went back to the pediatrician to check in. Her lungs still sound the same, no improvement but the fact she is acting somewhat better and the green boogers are gone is somewhat reassuring. The doctor says it still may take another 8-10 days to get better, especially the cough. As long as she isn't getting worse we don't have to bring her back. We switched her amoxicillin to a chewable tablet which worked well this evening but I won't get my hopes up yet. Last night she was up 7, that's right 7 times in 11 hours. Needless to say I'm exhausted. I can hear her coughing now and am wondering how many times she will be up tonight. It's horrible to hear her cough like this.
Tia Mari came over today to play and babysit (as well as bring some delicious lunch and a gift) so I could run out for errands to the pharmacy. I had to go to 2 pharmacies! One for Callie and one for Manny. I am just th angus I didn't have Callie in tow because it was a lot of waiting. Thanks Tia for spending some time and giving me a few hours.
Anyways 21 months! What's new at 21 months? She can climb the baby slide UP the slide with her hands and feet. She is starting to go up some smaller steps without using the rail and is more stable stepping down single curbs. Her language skills are amazing. The kid knows more than 500 words and I would be tempted to say 1000. She says words like spatula and uses 3 word phrases much more often. The funny things she is saying this month are:
Daddy cooks chickens (while pointing at the grill)
GiJu wears pajamas
Mommy snuggle
Nosey nosey for Eskimo kisses
Oopsie all the time when she falls, or slippy slippy about her socks, and then Callie ok to tell you she isn't hurt

Today she told daddy, Callie doctor bravo! To tell him she was good at the doctor today. She is so smart she amazes me every day. She is still incredibly impatient and thinks that we should be able to fast forward live tv through the commercial (dont blame her on that though) and can tell you specifically which episode of curious George she wants to watch. She can name almost all the Sesame Street characters and Mickey Mouse characters too.
This last week she learned to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star which is adorable even though it's less than half the words.
Yesterday she put a sock on by herself for the first time ever. That was pretty good considering everything is always just rip it off.
Well that's my amazing daughter at 21 months. I can say she tests my patience daily but I love her to pieces and she is teaching me to be a better mommy every day.
I hope she feels better soon as it kills me to see her so sick :(

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