Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! First Pony Ride

Happy 2014! Callie and I didn't do anything special for New Years just went to bed as usual. I feel older than ever that I didn't even consider staying up.
Today on the first day of the new year I took Callie to Peggy Sise's farm to see the horses. As a little girl and even in college I had a horse at Peggy's barn. There are so many good memories from that barn. I remembered when we got there in 20 degree weather that I hated having horses in the winter though. Brrr it was cold!
Callie fed the horses carrots and was equally excited about the cats and dog there. She got to brush Stripes, a very old pony, I think 34 years old! Stripes was actually a pony that I rode from time to time as a little girl. It seems so crazy that Callie's first pony ride is on a horse I rode as a little girl. She was happy to just sit on the horse. Stripes took a few steps and at first she was so excited but then got a little scared.
She's been talking about the barn all afternoon and even when she went to bed. What a fun morning with the horses :) I'm glad Callie gets to experience what I did as a girl and it's extra special that it's at the same barn and on a horse I rode.
Sorry the photos aren't superb. GiJu was the photographer without glasses and the bright sun shining so she couldn't see that she didn't get the whole horse.

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