Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another day, another playground

Today was another sunny warm 80 degree day. I am out of work for 5 days with the Monday holiday and I took Tuesday off as Callie is having an egg challenge test at the hospital all day. I forgot to finish our time keeping system approvals before I left work that really needed to get done. I didn't want to ask someone else for a favor and since I was planning to take Callie to the park anyways, I figured we could use the computer at my old office and play on the school playground. So we stopped in and said hi to my old staff, quickly signed off on everyone's time cards so they get paid. Then headed out to the school playground. School had already gotten out so it was pretty quiet just a sibling of a kid in therapy, but that worked out perfectly. He was 2 and Callie liked playing with him. I took her on the bigger kid playground because it's the closest to the parking lot and I was too lazy to go to the preschool side of the elementary school. Callie did just fine exploring the big kid playground. She has no fear. She climbed the ladder, the Lego ladder, the stairs and even the rock wall! She went down the big fast slide all by herself at least 6 times. The other little boy was afraid to go down the slide, Callie kept saying "boy come come" she was a riot. We stayed and played 45 minutes!
She is getting a little cold, probably caught it from me. She has a cough and a little congestion. I'm hoping she fights it and never gets too sick. We are keeping up with te humidifier and diffusing lavender and eucalyptus oils in her room at night. Either way she is a tough kid and she won't complain. Hopefully we can enjoy our 5 day weekend together and have some fun though.

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