Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rainy day

It was a rainy day in San Diego. It was also D's seven month bday. But I'm saving that for tomorrow as I didn't take any fancy photos and am too tired to do that long post today. Today Callie insisted on walking the block in the rain in her new raincoat and with her umbrella. I told her the Christmas lights and decorations wouldn't likely be on but she wanted to check just to be sure. They weren't on... Surprise surprise.
In other news I had a good time teaching Callie about giving back to those less fortunate today. I convinced my east coast family to forego gifts this year as none of us really need anything and instead we adopted a family. For those of you who have never heard of this idea, you sponsor or host a needy family in assisting to buy toys for their kids. The family makes a wish list and then you purchase gifts for their kids. We chose a family with three small kids. Callie actually really liked the idea and took to it very well. I thought she would immediately say the things we picked out were for her but she seemed to really grasp these were gifts for other kids and she would still get gifts on Christmas. I put together an Amazon wish list with items that the kids had said they wanted and then allowed her to go through that list and choose items for each kid. She chose a dollhouse, play kitchen food, pretend teacher stuff, games, fancy bibles, and DVDs of shows she recognized. I think it's a great lesson and hope it to be a tradition to continue for years to come. Here she is selecting the items on my iPad and I let her do all the button pushing which made this an even more fun task for her.

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