Friday, December 5, 2014

7 months old

I've been too busy and tired to get to this post but it's over due so I'm just pushing it out.
D turned seven months on Tuesday. I can't quite believe seven months has passed but then again I can because I'm exhausted. This kid complains and cries so much. He is unbelievably stubborn but it's hard to know what to do with him a s you can't figure out what is behavior and what is really pain. His constipation from sold foods is terrible and really makes his belly upset. He goes nearly a week without a PPP and just straining. We are going to try lactulose on the recommendation of the GI dept at children's which was passed to us through our pediatrician. Hopefully that helps him.
He still is a horrible sleeper and sleeps only 2 hrs at a time with frequent waking a, crying and crying even if held. If you let him cry it out he can go easily an hour sometimes. He's still sleeping in our room in a crib since it's so frequent and loud I worry he will keep Calie awake.
So what can D do at 7 months?
He has great grasp, swipe, grab of anything he can get his hands on. He reaches for people to pick him up. Has incredible attachment issues especially with me. Crys anytime I walk away.
He loves to jump in his jumper and when you hold him. He can sit for a long time but still topples occasionally. He wants to eat all real food he sees you eating.
He makes some distinct sounds now. I'm betting on mama as his first word.
He loves the dogs and try's to grab their fur and ears.
So without further ado Avery cute 7 month photo!

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