Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Today was a busy day. I ended up bringing LT to the vet in the morning, with both kids in tow. Turns out he had a horrible ear infection and he was in a ton of pain which was making him pant and seem short of breath. His heart and lungs still sound the same, not good, but no worse. Anyways two antibiotics, a special pain medicine because of his heart drugs and a special dog food and he seems much better already. He is resting calmly and acting more like his normal self.
Then PaPa Ed arrived and we picked him up and took him to lunch. After nap time we adventured out downtown to Petco Park for Winter Wonderland. It was a fun event, very crowded, so luckily we were there early before it got really bad. Here are some photos of Callie enjoying her time there. My favorite thing was the flojo machine that made snowflake shaped bubbles!

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