Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is Grandmas birthday!! We took her out to dinner at Olive Garden. Callie was super well behaved and ate almost half of the feast they served her.  Callie was very loving to her Grandma, wanting to sit next to her, sing to her, hug and kiss her. She was so sweet which was a nice change from the challenge she has been this week.
The babies were all crying and reaching for Grandma but she doesn't have enough hands to hold them all. Lots of love for Grandma and so thankful for all she does for us in watching the kids, feeding us, and bringing the family close together. She's the string that keeps us all together and we love her lots! Happy Birthday Nena, you deserve 10 birthdays!
Even cuter on the baby monitor tonight instead of heading crying I heard Callie singing Happy Birthday Grandma and Feliz Navidad. Music to my ears compared to the crying I frequently hear.

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