Sunday, December 7, 2014


Callie is so excited about Grandpa Ed being here. This morning she woke up at 4:30 am and never went back to bed even though I went to her room twice to put her back to bed. She is just so excited she wants to get up. It's like Christmas morning. Speaking of... Maybe I will not tell her when it is so she doesn't get up at 2 am. Just surprise it's Christmas? That may work better.
Callie just keeps discovering new things in Grandpa Eds suitcase. This morning it was Elefun the game. We had a good time playing with Callie and Diego. Callie was having a hard time at first and was all disappointed she couldn't catch one. Hen I got the photo just as she caught her first one all by herself. Can you see both her and Grandpas excitement? So cute!
Since today was Chargers Sunday the boys headed to the stadium at lunch for the rest of the afternoon. Callie was not too happy to have to stay home with me and Diego and kept saying she missed her Grandpa and when was he coming back. If it was this bad for the afternoon, I'm dreading the actual goodbye when he leaves Wednesday morning.
And what do you do with two kids that have been up way too long? Put them to bed early! I had both kids in bed at 6:45! And now I am headed to bed at 7:30 as they have worn me out today.

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