Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

We decided not to tell Callie about Christmas eve. She knows Christmas is this week but in an effort to avoid the waking at all hours of the night from way too much excitement we didn't tell her when Santa is coming. Instead it will just be a fabulous surprise when she does wake up, which will still likely be very early. Hopefully this works out. It's probably the only chance we have to get away with something like this as by next year she will be smarter than us and know when Christmas is on a calendar.
Either way everything is all set and ready for her for tomorrow. We had a great dinner and visit at Grandma and Grandpas today. Diego even cooperated so we could stay until after 7 with minimal crying. All I want for Christmas is a kid who learns to sleep through the night. I'll be working on that soon but for now I'll settle for my family. Here's some great photos of everyone from today, and more coming tomorrow from Jeanas camera. Sleep tight while Santa and his reindeer make their rounds...

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