Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Circle

Tonight we went walking Christmas Circle with Grandma and Grandpa, Carmen and Nolan. Callie has a cold with a runny nose and cough and D has just the runny nose. I'm fighting off some sort of similar cold but mine is inconsistent runny nose. I forced Callie to be bundled for the walk when it was still probably 55 degrees. Her favorite display was the hello kitty yard, which matched her hello kitty hat that Nena Corral made her. So cute! I liked the Padres yard the best. Sorry only took one photo all day as I was busing managing my two kids, taking Lt for his ear checkup, and battling the crowd at Target to finish up some basics shopping. And not even an Elfie photo today... But she made it back in Callie's room in the drawer or her dresser. She insisted we move her back to the shelf and she wore her mittens so she could touch her without making any of her major go away. It was so cute!

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