Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fussy boy but a chargers win

Diego was incredibly fussy last night and today. I am not really sure what's bothering him exactly, teeth, constipation, his cold. Beats me but he's been crying and whining for 20 hrs straight. Barely sleeping and waking up crying immediately. I got desperate and went out to get fennel tea (a family suggestion) and pedia lax the pediatricians suggestion for severe constipation. I also gave him some Tylenol because he just kept crying so I assumed something hurt. He finally calmed down and fell asleep in the carrier for our evening walk to see the Christmas lights with Callie. He must finally be feeling a bit better as he's been sleeping for nearly 2 hours in the carrier and so I'm just sat on the couch wearing him! He woke up still grumpy and complaining so we decided to go ahead with the pedia lax and it worked it like2 minutes. He pooped a lot and it was pretty hard. Who ever thought before kids that I would be so excited and talking aBout poop so often? Hopefully that was it and he's back to his regular (still not too happy but happier) self. I'm hoping for some better sleep tonight as I'm exhausted. I'm the only person that enjoys work on Mondays so I can get some rest. Seriously I know that's a crazy statement...

Callie had to say bye to her cousin Cole today. She has had so much fun with him over the past long weekend and he is so good to her. He's patient and kind and plays whatever Callie wants to. Here s a few I snapped of them snuggling together over the past few days.
The only positive part of the day was a Chargers win so at least Juan was happy :)

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