Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cart for two

Costco has giant shopping carts with spots for two kids. For months Callie has wanted Diego to ride with her in the cart but I always have him in the baby carrier. Today I let him ride in the cart with her since he can sit pretty well now. He was ok with it but it didn't last too long as Callie can't keep her hands off of him and was hugging and touching him and made him cry. He cries a lot anyways but this was just an extra crying we didn't need in the middle of the store so back into the carrier he went. I at least took one photo even if it's not good ;)

Tonight Juan and I got to go out to the SDSU basketball game with some friends and the very brave Tia Mari and Tio Bo came down to babysit. Diego was difficult as usual but Callie was a perfect angel. A extra big thank you to our amazing Mari and Bo for watching the kids tonight to give us a much needed break and night out.

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