Monday, December 22, 2014

Sharing is so tough

These photos are from the weekend. Today there are no photos as last night Callie was super sick and kept throwing up in her bed. We ended up washing her whole bed, gave her a bath, dried her hair, etc only for her to repeat the throwing up event again. Juan got the second round all by himself and stayed home with both kids today, yikes. Then tonight we were building Callie's big Christmas present as we still have more things to build! Being Santa is tough!
Anyways, Diego is finally playing with some toys and so some of Callie's old toys are becoming toys for D to play with. Well Callie isn't taking that so well. There was not a lot of sharing going on with the toy train set and then there was crying over her wanting to ride the car instead of the fire truck. Sometimes in her jealous rage she also starts in a Whitney baby voice and even goo gaa baby talk. Ugh it drives me crazy. I try to just ignore her but it sure is hard. Hopefully the new Chritsmas presents will mean she lets him have a little more play time.
Oh and Elfie found a new spot.. Here she is with a Santa card in Callie's stocking, he he.

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