Sunday, December 28, 2014

Night light

We put away all the Christmas stuff already. I just was ready to get it down now Christmas was over and felt like if I didn't just do it Callie would beg not to for weeks. She was pretty bummed about taking down the tree and stockings and is still talking about Elfie being gone. I put away almost everything but she wouldn't let me put away her Christmas tree night light. The new bookcase blocks the outlet where her regular nightlight was and so its noticeably dimmer in its new location, plus the Christmas tree puts off a good amount of light itself. She insisted it was too scary without it as it was dark and so I gave in. But I can't have it all year as it will drive me crazy so today we set out to get a new night light. I decided to take her to a paint your own ceramics place so she could have something similar but not Christmasy and we lucked out as the only nonchristmas one was Hello Kitty! She had fun painting. I tried to get her to stay on the general area of what should be separate colors and we brought her hello kitty as a guide to what colors but that didn't actually happen. She decided to just go wild towards the end so it will be interesting to see what it looks like once it's fired. Here she is in process and with her finished product. We pick it up Friday and I will let you see it when it's in her room.

Meanwhile D officially moved to his room tonight. We moved all his stuff back to his room and he is staying no matter what. We are returning to the modified cry it out of 7-14-21 min waiting periods and I am only feeding twice. He's been terrible lately up 8 times or more and needs to be fed to go back to sleep every time. It's time for him to be a big boy as he is almost 8 months old now! And I'll start to work on reducing night feedings more over the course of the month with the goal of no waking a by 9 months. Wish me luck I think it's going to be a sleepless week for all of us.
And lastly a mother big day... Callie has. A peanut challenge tomorrow. I have to work all day so Juan is taking her. I'm nervous even though I know it will be fine with all the doctors and nurses there. Wish us all luck and lots of prayers!

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