Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Soccer headers and Elfie arrives

Callie had her school Christmas party today and so I took her and both kids to go. santa was there visiting and brought lollipops and little treat bags. 

While we were there I took the opportunity to tell Callie I spoke with Santa and he said new assenting a magic elf to watch over her until Christmas. I have been wanting to do the elf on the shelf for awhile now but I'm too cheap to buy the $30 book and creepy looking elf. But my secretary gave me a super cute gift that had this little stuffed elf. So I immediately decided to make this into elf on the shelf but on the cheap, actually free! I added wire to his arms and legs so I can bend him to do different things. I also printed out an elf on the shelf poem that explains how it works and wrote a letter from Santa on th back to Callie. I wasn't sure if she was going to like it or not, but she sure does! It was funny when she woke up from her nap she was looking for a real live elf and said that's not real mom! But I convinced her the magic of the elf is when she is sleeping and she was hooked. She named her, she insisted its a girl, Elfie and she talked about her all evening. Let's hope this goes as planned and she is extra well behaved while Elfie is here visiting. Here is a photo of Eldie on the shelf and her holding him before we named her and set forth the no touching rule. Juan didn't quite grasp the idea and almost touched her but Callie and I told him no touching Elfie! So for the next week you'll hear about he adventures of Elfie.

Besides that both kids were on opposite nap schedules so I got some alone time with D today. We were playing ball and he was just so cute so I took a happy laughing video. I needed one after a really long night. He puked in his bed maybe from the formula and was just miserable the first half of he night. I think I am ready to get brave and move him to his room and limit the visits at nighttime. Being right next to him is more of a curse than a blessing now as I can't listen to him cry that close to my ear for very long and I give in and let him sleep with me. That wouldn't happen if he was in his own room. But I will be more tired walking down the stairs to feed him and Callie might not be able to sleep through his screaming. Decisions decisions, I think I just need to go for it and deal with the first week of misery for everyone.

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