Friday, November 1, 2013

Shower time

Today I napped while Callie napped which meant I didn't get any alone time for a shower. Usually I let her rampage my room while I shower but today she wanted to get in the shower too. So I figured why not? Well I learned its hard to enjoy your shower and you can't close your eyes while you rinse your hair and when you look down to see what trouble is brewing you might just get soap in your eye! She was actually pretty good but I did manage to get soap in my eye and my shower wasn't nearly as relaxing when shared with a toddler. She has a bad rash on her hip that just showed up this morning. I have no idea what it's from. We gave her Benadryl last night after candy as her face broke out but I guess it could still be from something she ate. I tried two different lotions and creams and washed it but no change. I also let her run around naked for  an hour after the shower today. It was the prefect day since it was nearly 85 degrees here! She didn't want to get dressed. i chased her down and she had her blanket giggling. So tonight I tried some more Benadryl and hoping tomorrow her rash gets better. I hope this photo captures the craziness of a naked toddler running around!

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