Thursday, November 21, 2013

19 months

Happy 19 months to Miss Callie. She is growing up so fast.
The current trends for her are:
Waffles and wuffies (French toast)
Blankie and baby going everywhere
Combining words together for phrases
Steps- she can walk out our front door and down the two steps without holding on or any assistance
Language explosion- Callie must have 200-300 words
Pretending to put us to bed
Watching videos on the "pad" especially with Grandma in bed
Asking "what doing??"
Pretending, especially cooking and cleaning, she must get that from Grandma as it can't be me
Talking on the phone- asking to call people by name

Today I was home in the morning and while I took a shower she watched Curious George. How about this set up on the dog bed, with the maternity pillow just lounging.

Can't wait for the weekend. I am finally starting to feel better and feel like I can enjoy my time with her again. Too bad it's going to be raining, I was hoping for a SeaWorld trip.

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