Monday, November 11, 2013

It's a.........?!?!?!

Well after all that anticipation it's time to tell you what we "think" we are having. A BOY! Yippie! But before you get too excited along with us the ultrasound lady was not as convincing as I would have liked. She at one point said she was 99% sure but then said well she couldn't be sure as the umbilical cord was nearby, the baby didn't uncross the legs and didn't move too much. She did say she was pretty sure as the umbilical cord moved and also seemed seperate from this "appendage" as we should call it. I am pretty darn convinced this is a boy as I saw Callie's ultrasound and it didn't have anything like this and had a clear three line "hamburger" as a tell take sign. So I'm saying 90% boy but I won't say for sure for now. They offered us to come back for another visit in the beginning of December to be sure. So for now I will say boy and we will confirm later. You make your own call....

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