Monday, November 11, 2013

Birch Aquarium

IWe took Callie to the Birch Aquarium for the first time today. This was my first trip to the aquarium in San Diego as well. It's a smaller aquarium but Callie didn't know the difference. She loved it just the way it is. When we arrived it was feeding time in the tide pools so we got to see the fish and crabs come to life outside. Callie was saying wow and ooo as the kids near her were excited about the fish eating. I don't know if she was excited about the fish or the kids. She got to put her hands in the water too. She ran around that aquarium climbing up to see some fish and the other kids too. By the end of the fish tanks she was done looking at fish anyways. The seahorses were my favorite part. They were so big compared to the ones I am used to seeing. Plus I think those seahorses have the right idea that the male carries the babies. Can I get that deal?
The second half of the aquarium was full of interactive learning exhibits. Callie liked all of them. We had a fun afternoon chasing around Callie. It's the last day that all the Gladue visitors are here and I know Callie will be missing them a LOT. Luckily it's only a little over a month before we go to their house for 2 weeks!

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