Sunday, November 17, 2013

Late night party girl

Does this look like a well rested toddler? Nope! Baggy eyes, messy hair, and still carrying her baby and her blankie.
That's because after going to bed 1 hr late she decided at 1:00 am that she didn't want to sleep. I thought she didn't feel well at first and went down to rock her and comfort her. But over 2 hours later she was still wide awake, wiggling, talking, and fighting going to sleep. By then I was exhausted and had enough. I yelled and said I wasn't coming back and it's night time for sleeping. She cried as soon as I yelled and then cried for another half hour before finally going back to sleep. After I yelled she stopped calling me, it was daddy and GiJu and anyone but my mom who might come rescue her. Of course then she slept in because she was exhausted, but mommy and the morning sickness was still up at 6 am eating saltines. Callie got up at 7 still groggy and looking like she had been partying all night!!
Nap time was mommy's sleep time today.
You may have noticed she has this blankie along with her baby all the time now. This is the blankie that was made from her great grandmothers pajamas for her. For a long time I kept it in the drawer because I worried she would ruin it or worse lose it. But eventually I said well great Grandma would want her to have it even if it gets worn, used and tattered, because it was loved. So now it's her new favorite thing to carry around. We try to keep it only at home but sometimes it goes to her grandmas house with her. What a special little blankie. I wonder if she intuitively knows?

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