Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a fun filled family day of Thanksgiving. Callie was so excited to have so many family members visiting and paying attention to her. She was a real ham getting everyone's attention.
We called and talked to the Gladue side of the family earlier in the day and then spent the whole afternoon at the Chavez house.
I know Callie is thankful for all the love she gets everyday and for each of her amazing family members. She is definitely happy to have a large family :)
Juan and I are most thankful for Callie of course but for our growing family and for all the family we have. I know I am especially thankful for his family embracing me into their family and for making San Diego my home. I am thankful for the Internet and technology which allows Callie and I to both see and talk to our east coast family everyday so they don't seem so far away.
We had a great day and plan on making it a whole long weekend of family fun events. I'm stuffed to the brim tonight but here's some photos from the day.

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