Saturday, November 23, 2013

Measuring Tape

Callie loves her tool bench but I think the measuring tapes are her favorites. When my mom was here she was teaching her I measure things. They kept measuring her arm which was 9" apparently Callie thinks that every time you measure something you just say 9. She walks around measuring random things and says 9. If you ask her how long, she says 9. I keep trying to et this on video but Juan and I are usually laughing too hard. Today I got a little bit on video before she got ahold of my soda and I ran out of recording space in my phone. It's still funny. All Callie's numbers are hysterical. Most things she counts 1-2 but then she skips a few and says 5. Today I got her to count to 3. And then she just measures everything at 9. Looks like she might be getting my math skills!

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