Friday, November 22, 2013

Testing out the wheat allergy

Callie goes back to see the allergist in early December. The last time she didn't test as allergic to wheat, but we will saw that she had a sensitivity. She generally got eczema and seemed fussy. So we kept that on the no no list. Now that we are going back and it's been another 6 months I felt like I needed to test out the theory. So today I made her a grilled cheese sandwich. I thought she would love it. I mean she ate it mostly and liked it but she didn't seem to thrilled. Her wheat issues never just showed up like all her other allergies, it takes time for her skin and eczema to get worse, so now we wait a few aye and keep feeding her some things with wheat to see what we think. It will be interesting to find out either way.
The word of the day was rain, since it was really raining hard. Callie saw lightening and heard thunder for the first time too. It frightened her a little bit at first but she kept talking about the rain and how she couldn't see the moon.
She has been playing with this book that GiJu bought her before she was even born. It's called grandmas purse and its a oats book shaped like a purse with lots of items at come out, food out, move, and are just plain fun. She likes that there is a mail envelope that has a letter and a tea bag. She says tea and GiJu. Smart cookie that baby. She loves the book but she is so rough she ripped the glasses and tore some other parts. I figure she likes it and it can't stay perfect so we might as well let her play with it now.

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