Saturday, November 16, 2013

Driving Daddy's Truck

Callie slept amazing last night! A full 11 hours without a peep! Boy was I wrong...
Maybe it was the two baths, steamy bathrooms, and eucalyptus and lavender essential oils diffusing in her room. Either way I was happy.
She still has her cold and a runny, snotty nose that she hates when you wipe but otherwise she is her usual self.
Tonight we went out to dinner with Christian and Jeana and we picked up some new furniture they had bought. While we waited for the furniture to be loaded Callie got to sit in the front seat with daddy. She loves to be anywhere in the car out of her carseat but the drivers seat is the best! Look at how happy she was driving with daddy!

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  1. They both look really cute! Looks like someone is going to follow daddy’s footsteps! I bet you’re proud to have your daughter show an early interest in driving.

    Shaun Stille


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