Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Dr Callie

I really didn't plan well for Halloween at all. I pretty much got on top of it today ON Halloween. I was feeling guilty that I didn't do anything when I usually go all out. So first we went to Target and bought some gummy bears and candy Callie can eat (in theory) to replace the ones she can't eat that people give out. I also bought a pumpkin to collect her candy in. Then when we got home I was convinced it would be a better costume if she was a doctor instead of a cheerleader. I mean how can you carry Pom Poms and collect candy? Plus she has been so into the stethoscope lately and I figured I could dress up with her as doctors.
So out of fabric I found already in the house I decided to make a toddler scrub set for her at 3:30 pm. Somehow I managed to sew a pretty good looking set without any pattern from scratch in about 45 minutes. I was actually impressed with myself! It was comfy and like clothes so Callie was happy and we just added the stethoscope. She was a very cute doctor.
I made the mistake of trying to take photos first and then she became obsessed with the camera and wouldn't let it go.
Eventually once she discovered the actual trick or treat part she was over the camera and enthralled with the candy people were giving out. Lucky for me she mostly got lollipops and tootsie rolls which are relatively safe. She ate half a tootsie roll including the wrapper as we were walking to the next house! I couldn't get it in time so now it will come out the other way... It's just wax paper at least.
She had a great time even though we only visited about 4 houses. We tried to get her to give out candy at our house but she wasn't too keen on that part. All in all a very successful Halloween and she was adorable! Happy Halloween everyone from Doctor Callie.

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