Sunday, November 10, 2013


Callie had a fun and busy day. Juan and PaPa went to the Chargers game for the day. Eddie and Heather came with us to dog beach in the early afternoon. It was a good thing they came because Callie was keeping me busy in the ocean so I couldn't watch the dogs at all. Manny kept wandering off and LTwas just nervous on his leash. The ocean was very cold but Callie didn't care. She went straight in. She even went all the way under! On accident of course and I had to save her, but that kid has no fear. She drank some water didn't even cry and then went right back for more. I was not prepared wearing capris and a tshirt and went home soaked and exhausted from tending to Callie.
In the evening we made a fire in the backyard and made s'mores. Callie can only have the marshmallows but she likes that plenty. What a mess she can make so fast! She was so tired tonight. Hopefully she sleeps in a little bit. She has been so excited about GiJu and PaPa being here she has been up at 5 am yelling their names to come get her.
Tomorrow is the last day they are here and it should be another fun day. Tomorrow is also the big day for the gender determination. I'll have big news for you tomorrow night.

Notice me dragging Callie out of the water in the corner.

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