Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hold You Extra Tight

Today was a tough day for me. One of my long time clients passed away this afternoon after a long battle with a terrible chronic condition. While it wasn't a surprise or a sudden passing it doesn't make it any easier to watch a parent lose a child. This girl was very special to me and we have quite some memories together over the past 5 years. She was truly unforgettably. I visited her in the hospital twice over the past two months and knew this was where we were headed. But things are different now. It could be the pregnancy hormones or it could be that I am a parent now. But watching a parent lose a child is excruciating. I can't imagine saying bye to your kid, literally still a child and knowing its the last time you will ever hold them. So today I held Callie extra tight and extra long just to remember and appreciate having my baby. I work with families that endure such hardships and impossible circumstances that it is incredible. This family will have a difficult path to move on yet still remember and cherish their daughter. I have compiled all the photos and videos I had of this girl and am working on a special tribute for this family. While I really can't imagine how hard this is for them, I know it's just impossible. And I take a moment to remember and honor this girl as well as snuggle my little one extra right and long tonight. This little girl would have told me to. She loved hearing about Callie and my adventures as a mom.
So this one is for you J, tonight we had taco salad for dinner and we had to bury the chips under all the meat and veggies just to get Callie to eat more than chips! I know this would make you giggle and I miss your beautiful smile and laugh already.

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