Friday, November 29, 2013

Putting up the Christmas Decorations

I used to be very anti Christmas decorations in November but this year in all for it. Bring on the Christmas! Callie loves the lights and decorations and even reading Christmas books before thanksgiving. Well today we conquered our first ever outdoor Christmas lights. It really wasn't too bad, only took us a out 45 minutes. Hopefully next year we will add more but for now Callie likes it. I'm waiting for the after Christmas super clearance to buy some big inflatable decorations. Callie loves to visit the neighbors houses as they have about 25 each! Ill get a photo soon.
Later we were planning to go to Coronado to see the Christmas tree and lights at the hotel del but it was raining. I know raining in San Diego! How dare it 
! So we decided to put up our own Christmas tree. It's fake so we can leave it up as long as we want. Callie actually participated and was into the process this year.
Check her out in action. My favorite part is when she drops the ornament and then says daddy do. Demanding already!

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