Sunday, December 29, 2013

Where in the world is Callie Maria?

I am sure some of you are wondering where in the world Callie went..... I apologize for my lack of posts for the past 3 days. It started when I took photos Thursday but only on the camera. The photos turn out better the only problem is that I have to get to a computer to get them off and post. Then Friday Juan left in the morning and at night Callie and I went to Long Island overnight. We didn't return until Saturday night and it was so late and I was exhausted. So today I am finally getting around to showing you all what Callie has been up to.
Thursday- Christmas Tree Planting
GiJu and PaPa bought a real live Christmas tree in a bucket, so that after Christmas it can be planted in their yard and it will grow big. This is the second tree like this. The first was the last time we came for Christmas when I was pregnant 2 years ago and we called that little tree the Callie tree. IT is now getting much bigger. This new tree started out 5 times the size of the baby tree from before so it took some effort to plant it. PaPa and Callie used the tractor to plant this big tree. Callie loves riding on the tractor and isn't afraid of the noise at all. It was really cold so she had to wear a full snow suit. It even snowed a little bit while we were outside, but not even enough to cover the ground. Callie had a great time playing with PaPa's tractor and planting the tree.

Thursday nights my parents were babysitting and Cindy and Dick came over wit their granddaughter since they were babysitting too.

Friday- Visiting Olivia
Friday daddy left early in the morning to fly home before Callie and I even got up. During the day we went to visit my childhood friend Sara and her daughter Olivia at her moms house as she was in town visiting from Boston. Olivia and Callie are about 3 months apart, Olivia is older. Cathie, Olivia's grandma, runs a home daycare so the girls had more toys than they could ever have played with. Callie was still singing the Santa Claus is coming to town song this day.

Friday/Saturday- Visiting Lynn and Julia in Long Island
Friday night Callie and I embarked on a great adventure to drive to Long Island to visit my college friend and her new baby. It is a 3 hour drive! I decided night time would be best and we left at 8:15 pm. Out of 3 hours, Callie slept the middle hour of the ride only. I kept her busy with videos, songs, and telling stories. The last 45 minutes were pretty challenging to keep her busy as she was so exhausted but wouldn't sleep. When we got there she was so excited she couldn't sleep either and was up talking for awhile before bed. She slept in the regular bed with me for the first time. It wasn't the most successful night, she crawled off between the crack and the bed in the middle of the night and I caught her. Basically I only half slept while I made sure she didn't fall out of the bed. Saturday we spent all day visiting Lynn, Billy and baby Julia. Callie liked the baby except if I held her too long or if Callie wanted her toy. Since the car ride there was tough on the way home I tried a different idea. We left early and stopped halfway at my high school friend Danielle's hue. We went out to dinner and then visited and ran around at her house. She has a small 20 lb dog Murphy that Callie just loved. They ran laps around the kitchen island and went up and down the stairs at least 30 times. By the time we left Callie was really tired. It was a good break to the long car ride. Callie fell asleep watching videos and slept the last 45 minutes on the way home. 

Sunday- McDonalds
Today we spent the day resting and catching up on sleep. In the morning Callie was outside playing with PaPa in his truck

It was a rainy rainy day. We went to McDonald's to play on the indoor playscape. Little did I know it is really meant for bigger kids. There is a small slide for the little kids but the rest is HUGE. I wish I took a photo of the big part but it was too hard to manage Callie and get a photo there. You climb a tree inside by spiral stairs, then cross a bridge, climb up then down then up again to get to the spiral slide that is probably 30' tall. It was really dark in the slide and it goes fast! i think its a little scary but Callie wasn't scared. We went down 3 times before both GiJu and I said no more! We got an ice cream sundae to top off the visit and Callie just loved that! Look at the mess....

I will try to be better and get the photos and posts up more timely. Bear with me, I am supposed to be on vacation!

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