Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Getting ready for Santa

Callie calls GiJu's house PaPa's Farm, which is hysterical to me. She talks about his big red barn and his tractor several times a day. Today she went out to see the tractor after asking several times. She wore her new scarf from Tia Wow Wow and her hat from Tia Mari that miraculously matched each other! She has on her new boots I bought her for the cold weather. No snow yet but still getting cold. Just another day out on PaPa's Farm.

We have been talking a LOT about Santa coming. We have been reading books, watching tv shows and singing Christmas songs. She definately is grasping the whole concept of Santa coming for Christmas. She was telling people that Santa is coming today and was singing and dancing to Santa Claus is coming to town. I even used the go to bed and don't be naughty or Santa will know.
We went out for pizza for dinner tonight and the pizza place had about 8 singing and dancing Christmas themed toys. They let her play with them all.

When we got home we put up all the stockings so Santa can come. Look at all the matching stockings!!! We talked about him coming down the chimney and we checked to make sure it was clear for him. We read the night before Christmas and she went to bed. No screaming at bed tonight. She's all ready for Santa to come ;)

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