Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Bryce and Matthew

My friend Amy has 2 boys whose birthdays are only a few days apart. This year they threw a combined party at the park. Callie's nap time really cut into us enjoying the party and of course today she decided that it would be a good day to not want to nap until later. Even though we were super late, Callie still had the best time. We were the very last kid to leave, even after the birthday boy! I had to drag her to the car. They had a great big bouncy house with a slide and most of the kids were under 4 years old, so it was pretty safe for Callie to play in there and towards the end it was just her and one other kid. Boy were they loving that. A huge bounce house all to themselves. Amy's son Bryce also has severe food allergies (almost the same as Callie) and so this was the very first party we have ever been to where Callie could eat the cake :) She was happy about that for sure! They also had a balloon animal artist. We sorta missed that part so Callie didn't get to ask for a specific balloon, but I improvised when she wanted one and found a half popped one another kid threw away and fixed it up. It wasn't exactly an animal per say but she still liked it, lol. Callie had a great time. Just in the last few weeks she is really enjoying the slide and she loved the blow up slide and the various slides on the 3 playgrounds nearby. Callie wanted to hug Bryce and she was very loving towards him. Amy thinks she will be a good big sister to a new baby brother. I think she is overbearing. Can't you see Bryce is just trying to escape! ha ha Thanks for an awesome day, Happy Birthday Bryce and Matthew.

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