Sunday, December 8, 2013

Play Doh

I bought Callie her first batch of Play Doh now that she is no longer allergic to wheat. I was always so paranoid that playing with it and if she accidentally ate it that it would be a problem but now we can go wild. I think I made a mistake in introducing it with a fork, spoon, knife, rolling pin, and cookie cutter. I also may have said pretend cooking... She immediately thought she should eat it. Yuck! I had to stay right with her as periodically she would taste it again. Otherwise though she was enthralled and playing for over an hour and would have gone even longer but I forced her to clean up before we had an even bigger mess. How cute is she? She kept making a snake and saying "oooooo, snake" then taunting me with it and waiting for me to act scared.

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