Saturday, December 14, 2013

Elmo & Santa!!

This afternoon we took Callie to Sea World. She got to see Santa in his little house! She whispered "Santa!". It was so cute. We didn't stand in line to take a photo just peeped in at other kids visiting Santa. She was excited about seeing him though and we visited his reindeer.
The real highlight though were the Sesame Street characters, especially Elmo. She was so excited I can't even tell you . I wish I had it on video. She was talking to them and hugging them. Of course she was telling them about the moon bring out. Check out the photo with Cookie Monster pointing out the moon with her. She also got to ride the sesame rides for the first time as she was finally big enough. She rode flying Elmo and then Abby's tea cups. During our teacup ride all the power went out! So our ride hot cut short but I was just glad we weren't on the sky tower or the ski lift ride.
Callie had so much fun. It was so cute to see her so excited about things now she is getting bigger. I wish I bought the Elmo photo but instead I just snapped a quick phone photo of the screen.

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