Monday, December 30, 2013

Cookies, hammers, birthdays and surprise visitors oh my

Today was a busy day even though we didn't have big plans. In the morning my brother came down and we went to visit a high school friend of his, more like a second brother and his kids. Callie enjoyed playing with other kids toys lol. Then after her nap we made cookies. Callie had a lot of fun making them and eating them too!
Then she went out to the barn to help PaPa work on the back wall. She hammered one nail in so she officially helped build the barn now ;)
Then we got a surprise visit from my great aunt Charleen from NH. She drove all the way down just to visit for the night. She brought Callie these adorable slippers with cats on them that she loves!! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of them but here she is doing sticker faces with Charl and eating broccoli trees.
And she painted a special canvas for her Grandma for her birthday today! We called her on facetime to sing HappyBirthday and showed her the painting since we won't see her for another week.
Wow what a busy day it was! No wonder she went right to sleep tonight.

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