Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Party time

Yesterday we took Callie to a holiday party at my parents friends house. They have 4 grand kids, all girls, aged 2-9. Callie was a little shy at first but within an hour she had made friends and was having a good time. They sang Christmas   caroles with a guitar and Callie watched intently. She was so busy she didn't even want lunch when we got there, but eventually she did when the big girls ate as well.
When we got home Uncle Eddie and Heather came over to visit for a few hours and GaGa and Ashley too. Callie had a fun time seeing everyone and then kept dragging everyone into the basement to play with all the toys GiJu has. 
It was also Callie's 20 month birthday yesterday and my 20th week of pregnancy! Half way to the new baby. At 20 months Callie is quite the linguist and really talks a LOT!
I'll try to be better about posting timely, I was just tired and so busy yesterday, phew!

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