Sunday, December 22, 2013

Busy Crazy Day

Wow what a busy day we had! First thing in the morning my grandparents came over to have blueberry pancakes with Callie for breakfast. After that we decided  to run to the casino to see the life size gingerbread house. Callie probably liked the escalators more than the gingerbread house but it was still cute. She rode the escalators up and down a bunch of times. We visited the toy store and looked at all the toys. On the way out we stopped to get a cup of water at Krispy Creme and randomly a lady we had never seen came over and handed Callie $100 bill! I was shocked. I tried to give it back but she insisted and just said it was a holiday gift and she wanted to give it to her. Callie said thank you after I pushed her to say it about 10 times and we promised to put it in Callie's college fund. That's the craziest thing that's happened to us ever. Callie left the big winner from the casino for sure.
She came home for a long nap and after nap time my college friends Kyle and Blair came over with their wives. Kyle and Meagan have a little girl named Emma just a few months younger than Callie. Blair and Riles have their first son on the way. Callie and Emma played together ALL afternoon. I was impressed at how well they did together really. I mean a few times they didn't share well or pushed but for 90% they were angels together. They played in the cozy coupe car and fed the birds. They even went out to the barn and sat on papas tractor.
What a fun day! Callie was so tired tonight she fought sleep for 20 minutes before going to bed. Even Mommy is exhausted. All the snow has officially melted and it's 60 degrees here. Where is the cold CT weather and snow? We were really hoping for some snow this trip.

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