Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's a BOY!!!

Jeez, I have been a slacker with my posts this weekend. I was busy having fun and never got around to getting photos up much even though a LOT happened. So without further ado, several posts will follow about our weekend. First things first, Friday we had our 18 week ultrasound and have a final confirmation, absolutely sure, its a BOY!! So Callie will have a little brother. Also, it will be nice that his new cousin (who should be born around the same month) will also be a boy, so hopefully they will be best buds. Here are a few shots from the ultrasound. That little profile is so cute! Honestly it reminds me soooo much of Callie's ultrasound with her adorable button nose. 

 Baby Boy Chavez (yet to be named)

 Callie Maria
Don't you think crazy similar? Anyways, we are super excited and now need to get on to the naming part.. I would prefer to call him by his name then Baby 2.

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