Saturday, December 21, 2013

We made it to CT!

If was a challenging day yesterday. We left the house at 5:45 am and got to my parents house after 10 pm last night. It was long and challenging to my patience but we made it! I'm pretty sure te rest of the airplane travelers patience was thinner than mine after the first flight. Callie refused to nap, fidgeted, kicked the seat 300 times and cried for 15 min straight (loudly). Out of 4 hours she sat still for about an hour and watched cartoons after her cry fest. In the airport she was better but still tiring we ran around, climbed on all the empty chairs, looked out the windows, and ran up and down the moving walkways. By the second flight approx 2:30 pm CA time with no nap which is usually at 10 am, she was crabby and exhausted. The pilot actually said he was dimming the lights so people could sleep and she heard him. I used that to my advantage and got her to fall asleep on my lap. I couldn't move for an hour and 15 min but it was worth it! The people around us said how good she was. If they were only the people on the first flight who said "she's not the worst kid we ever saw". I don't think that's a real compliment lol.
I didn't get a single photo of us traveling as my phone was stowed in my bag nowhere to be found most of the trip. Regardless we made it here finally and we even saw Santa at the Midway airport!! Now we can just enjoy our time here for 2 weeks and a little but effort I have to dread the ride home.
Here are a few photos from our Santa visit before we left CA, quite an improvement from my cell phone shot id say.

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