Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Circle

I was home with Callie today since I had to work Friday. Mostly we accomplished getting caught up on laundry since we need to pack to go to CT. I wish I had accomplished the actual packing but I didn't get that far. It will end up being a last minute effort for sure.
I didn't want the day to be too boring so I took Callie to the park for a bit. We tried a new park next to Target since we had to go there anyways. There were a lot of kids which made it more fun for Callie but the real highlight was the play school bus! She loves buses and especially school buses so she was loving playing on it.
Then tonight Grandma and Grandpa came to pick us up to go see all the lights on Christmas Circle. It's a neighborhood that every house decorates for Christmas with a lot and I mean a lot of lights. We parked and walked around since Callie hates just sitting in her car seat. She liked pointing out what she saw and looking at all the lights. Grandpa was nice and carried her all the way. I would have made her walk as she is getting so heavy! Her favorites were the yards with Sesame Street characters and those with Santa. I tried to get a good photo of her with grandpa and grandma but my iphone doesn't take good night photos and Callie wouldn't cooperate so this is the best I took. Thanks for a fun night looking at the lights :)

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