Saturday, May 31, 2014

Witching hour

Yesterday I said Diego was 1 month old.. Really he's 4 weeks and not 1 month yet. Technicality...
Last night Diego was so fussy and barely slept. Luckily we got a 2 hour nap in the afternoon to catch up on our sleep. After I woke up Diego was still sleeping in my bed, but not for long as Callie climbed in with him. I swear the poor kid will be tough because she tortures him already. She tries to love him but she's just so over bearing and rough. Probably not the best way to wake from a nap.
Typically every night Diego cries from 7-8:30 or 9. It's his witching hour(s). No matter what you do he just can't settle down and he cries or is fussy even if held, rocked, given a pacifier. Usually after that he is tired enough to go to bed and I am too. Tonight he has been extra fussy, crying and crying despite my attempts to soothe him. I'm hoping bedtime is just around the corner and we get some more sleep than last night. I think I forgot how exhausting it is to be up every 2 hours or more often with a infant. With Callie it was like walking zombies since she cried for hours and hours on end. Guess it could be worse... I can't wait for the first block of sleep that's even 3 hours!

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