Friday, May 30, 2014

Swaddled and swing

Diego has benn sleeping a little better and less fussy when we use the swaddle. He is sleeping in his bed next to mine most if the night too. The only problem is that when he isn't sleeping with me I'm up more to take care of him. When he sleeps with me I can sleep through some feedings just laying with him but in his bed I have to take the swaddle off, hold him, burp him, put it vsck on. Do for a kid who eats every 2 hrs, I'm up 30 min of every two hours. Makes for one tired mama. Hence why I'm posting this at 2:30 am...
Here he is all swaddled and sleeping peacefully. In the day he enjoys the movement of the swing. It's gotten more use already then it ever did with Callie.

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