Friday, May 30, 2014

Missing GiJu

GiJu left today after her three week stay with us and Diego turns 1 month today. I don't know how I could have survived this first month without my mom here. She has been such an amazing help. With several trips to the ER and doctor she has been there to watch one or both the kids. She's been taking Callie to and from school, keeping her occupied and getting up early with her to give me a little extra sleep. She's done countless loads of laundry and cleaned my house. I can't thank her enough for all she did for us this month and I sure will be missing her. Callie misses her too and was asking at bedtime where GuJu was sleeping tonight. She luckily finally understands the concept of later and is talking about visiting GiJu and PaPa in the summer :) and therefore didn't cry when she had to leave this time. She did ask to call her a few times, so we will see her on FaceTime tomorrow.
So a big thank you to my mom for all your love, support, and help this last month. I love you! And I love this photo of us and the kids.
I spent my first time with my two kids by myself today too. Seems kinda crazy that I haven't had my two kids by myself in a month but I have had help at all times. After I dropped my mom at the airport Diego was crying because he was hungry. I told Callie we were stopping at the park to feed him and she thought I meant a fun park when I really meant a parking lot.... Oops. So I took her to the downtown waterfront park so she could play in the fountain while I fed Diego. I managed two kids, feeding and watching for about 30 min at the park. What I did learn is that I really do need a double stroller. I had to lay Diego down at the park to change Callie and had no where to put him. Then I needed to get a crying toddler who didn't want to leave and a sleeping infant back to the car. Phew it was a handful but I did it. Juan came home early from work so once I got home I had help again. I got to take a nap and rest a bit. This was a big change from what I was expecting today to be like and boy was I happy. And thank goodness for the weekend. Only two more weeks til I go back to work. Oh boy...

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